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Personal trainer and fitness enthusiast, Ekaterina A.K.A. Kat, prides herself in changing lives – one fitness plan at a time. Kat grew up in a small town in the Ural region of Mother Russia, close to the border of Kazakhstan. She wasn’t your average young girl who occupied herself with many girly things because taekwondo and martial arts gave her much more of a rush. After winning her first taekwondo competition at the age of seven, Kat knew it was only the beginning of something bigger than herself. Kat spent the next 10 years training and competing as a professional athlete. She earned her “Master of Sport” degree in taekwondo and became a national champion in taekwondo and karate. Kat wanted to accomplish more as an adult and that is when she decided to move to the U.S. (California) in 2006.

After going through many trials and discouraging moments, Kat fell into a bit of a slump. What could’ve been the end to the start of something phenomenal; was worked through in the gym. Kat used the gym as an escape. Slowly, it became her obsession and her true passion was born. She began noticing the positive effects the workouts had on her body and overall mood; she started to depend heavily on it. As the world of possibilities, strength, beauty, and self-confidence began to unfold, her desire to share her knowledge and passion with others grew indefinitely. A healthy body prompts an overall healthy lifestyle and Kat dedicated herself to ensure her clients had both.

When Kat isn’t working with her clients she is studying fitness and nutrition to keep herself up to date on current health and fitness information. Kat is a well-rounded athlete and who enjoys doing bodybuilding, CrossFit and Olympic style training. She is inspired by meeting and working with successful people and to her, fitness is about more than just clients’ physical appearance.  It’s about being healthy, happy, and getting their lives together and once clients uncover their full potential, it takes them to a new level in life.

GymKat Professional Philosophy:

“I am sure to implement the scientific approach to improve a client’s situation instead of bringing harm to it. Personal experience coupled with a scientific knowledge is used to teach clients how to continue to improve on their own. It is very important that I assist and coach my clients on being successful in the fitness and health aspects of their lives.”


Awards and Accomplishments

2003 – Karate-Do National Champion

2003 – Taekwondo National Champion “Master of Sport”

2016 – Muscle Mania 4th Place (bikini division, bodybuilding show)

2016 – Muscle Mania 4th Place (bikini division, bodybuilding show)

2018 – INBA 4th place (bikini division, bodybuilding show)



2015 – NESTA

2016 – NASM

2018 – Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach

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Personal Fitness

Looking to increase your mobility and get in to better shape? I can be your personal trainer and help lead you down a path to a more healthy lifestyle.

Body Shaping

Want that body you have always dream of? I can put together the precise routine to help you shape and sculpt you to success.  

Contestant Prep

Need help preparing for your next competition? Allow me to help put a regimen together for you to help prepare you for you next show.

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Advantages Over Others

Qualified trainer

When working with Gym Kat you are working with a certified trainer, with years of knowledge and experience in the fitness world.

Meal Prep Plans

Need Help with your meal prep? I will work with you on your goals and find out how we can get you to your dream result. 

Health monitoring

Unlike most trainers I will work close with you to help monitor your results and make sure you are staying healthy our plans are NEVER one size fits all. 


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